Key to the effective execution of the RF Network Performance analysis and optimization process is accurate and complete input, sharp analysis and careful execution. Therefore LMT has defined Quality Concept composed by LMT engineering department.
Our Concept:
1. Comprehensive OSS Statistic Monitoring of all network elements
2. Fault Management of all network elements
3. Network Auditing
4. Measurement of all interfaces
5. Network Information Study
6. Customer Complaint Handling
7. Network Analysis
8. Network Problem Solving
9. Parameter Audit
10. Features Implementation
11. System database maintenance
12. Reporting

1. Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly report for the network performance
2. Regular reports on the recommended changes for approval base on network wide basis and site-by-site basis
3. Daily performance quality finding and recommendation
4. Report of network performance after the implementation changes
5. Drive-test plots and results before and after the optimization effort
6. Customer complaint handling